Wine Flere

Wine Flere

Sauvignon Blanc Lazio Indicazione Geografica Tipica

Flere is an Etruscan “Nume”, and in Latin means “to cry”. This second meaning recalls the emotional moment when, at the spring awakening of nature, the vines “cry”, that is, a drop of sap comes out of the shoots when pruned. The assonance between “flere” and “fiore” (flower) is evident. What better name could there be for a wine that is so fragrant? 
Flere is produced from Sauvignon Blanc grapes, and is the expression of an area that owes its distinctive characteristics to the volcanic soil and the influence of the nearby sea. A fruity, crisp wine with good structure which offers, along with an important varietal expression, all the characteristics of our area with a distinct savoury note.

Temperature: 9°-11°C
Matching: First course dishes and second courses based on fish, baked, stewed, in sauces, and vegetables.


Sauvignon Blanc.

The harvest, in the second ten days of August, is mechanized and is completed just before sunrise, in the coolest moment of the day thanks to the land breeze.

Once the grapes have been pressed they undergo cold maceration for some hours to accomplish the extraction of the aromas from the skins. When this process has finished, with a soft pressing we obtain a free-run juice that is fermented at a strictly controlled temperature, as in traditional white wine-making, in stainless steel tanks. Flere, aged in steel, is bottled at least two months before its consumption, but the structure it is born with does not disdain longer periods of bottle ageing.

Straw yellow with golden hues.

Crisp and joyous, with intense sensations, fine and delicious fruit.

A pleasant balance between freshness and structure.
 Enjoyable and tasty, it maintains and enhances the taste characteristics of the grape cultivated by us close to the sea.