Wine Emira

Wine Emira

Rosato Lazio Indicazione Geografica Tipica

…“it is a wine I wanted to dedicate to my mother. She became part of the family when she was very young, and brought with her the freshness of youth and the will to live, of her Tuscan origins, she also contributed with her work and her tenacity to lay the foundations of what is now the winery Tenuta Tre Cancelli. I wanted to pay homage to her and give her name to this wine because in this product I found those sensations that I see in her character and in her way of life”.
 It is a young wine where all the characteristics of the freshness of Sangiovese and Merlot are enhanced, harvested early and vinified as in white wine-making.

Temperature: 12°C
Matching: It is suitable as a prelude to a meal but it doesn’t disdain matching with medium-structured first courses. Fowl, freshwater fish and shellfish, also with sauces.


80% Sangiovese, 20% Merlot.

It is done by hand, anticipating the harvest to the last ten days in August, when the state of ripeness of the grapes is not as advanced as for the traditional red wine-making of these varieties.

The grapes, carefully selected, are crushed and cooled, immediately. The skins are immediately separated from the free-run juice and fermentation starts at a very low temperature in stainless steel. It can be consumed a couple of months after bottling. Fragrant aromas of strawberries and pomegranates well-blended with flowery notes of roses and freesias. A balanced palate with lively freshness, sustained acidity and tastiness, it perfectly reflects the nose, with a pleasant hint of almond on the finish.

Delicate onion skin, beautifully bright.

Fruity, enjoyable and delicate.

Dry, full and pleasantly harmonious, slightly sparkling.